Sapphire Sleeves

Sapphire Sleeves - Bustine Protettive Sapphire GREEN (63,5x88)

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100 Bustine protettive di dimensione card game 63.5 x 88 mm della linea sapphire. Spessore di 6 micron, per una protezione maggiore dei vostri giochi di carte. 

Misure: 63,5 x 88 mm

Modello: GREEN

Pezzi: 100

Adatte per: 2 de mayo,a game of thrones lcg, acquire (2008 version), artic scavanger, attack, battleground: fantasy warfare, battleline,call of cthulhu lcg, cold war: cia vs. Kgb, combat commander: europe, commands colors: ancients, conquest of paradise, conquest of the empire, corunea, cutthroat caverns, deadlands: doomtown, dungeoneer, fairy tale, for sale (fred edition), for the people, gem dealer, get bit, hera and zeus, here i stand, hordes, iliad, illuminati: new, world order, incan gold (new 2009 fred version), last night on earth, legend of the five rings, loot, lunch money, magic the gathering, micro mutants, mystery rummy: jack the ripper, netrunner, nexus ops, pandemic, paths of glory, penny arcade, pig pile, pokémon tcg, race for the galaxy, race for the summit, scripts and scribes, scum, shadow hunters, shifting sands, successors (3rd edition), the resistance, tomb, twilight struggle, ufs, vampire: the eternal struggle, warhammer: the invasion, warmachine, wasabi, wilderness war, world of warcraft tcg, world war ii: barbarossa to berlin, wyvern, kingmaker (ah) -large crown cards, burn rate, gang of four, sleuth. Spgreen.